JOURNEY OF SURVIVAL: Meet Tilly the Turtle

Tilly is the name of choice for Newport Aquarium's Facebook fans.

Tilly is the name of choice for Newport Aquarium’s Facebook fans.

The people have spoken and Newport Aquarium‘s baby loggerhead sea turtle’s name is officially Tilly!

After a week-long Facebook naming contest Tilly finished first ahead of Josie, followed by Emmy and Carolina.

Tilly first made her public debut last Tuesday when she was formally moved to the Hanauma Bay tank at Shore Gallery during Newport Aquarium’s press conference announcing the upcoming Turtle Canyon exhibit.

On Monday, Feb. 24, Tilly surpassed the 2-pound mark after weighing in at 929 grams (2.05 pounds to be exact). With her increased weight, her food intake has been moved up to 14 grams twice per day.


Tilly is getting settled into her new digs and so has shown no trouble catching some ZZZZs.

Tilly in the Hanauma Bay tank at the Shore Gallery exhibit.

Tilly in the Hanauma Bay tank at the Shore Gallery exhibit.

“She loves the caves and the tank’s nooks and crannies,” said Jen Hazeres, aquatic biologist and Tilly’s primary caretaker. “She sleeps super sound and does not wake up unless I give her a tap on her shell.”

She has shown no hesitation in mixing and mingling with the other animals in the tank. Although Hazeres said the eels in the tank appear to be hiding since Tilly’s arrival.

The biggest challenge Tilly has faced is competing for good. Hazeres uses a net to divide the fish in the tank from Tilly during Tilly’s feeding times. Eventually, Hazeres states, Tilly will need to learn to be fast with getting her food as it’s a trait she will need to know once she’s released back into the wild next fall.

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