Plant a Tree and Save a Fish

By: Ric Urban, Chief Conservation Officer at Newport Aquarium

Plant a tree, save a fish. Just think about, there’s something to this. As I was growing up with Woodsy the Owl and Smokey the Bear, I didn’t really see the relationship between trees and stream health. I guess after half a century, I can still learn something new. Have you ever spent time walking along a stream, to see a crayfish or a minnow darting along in the current? There is something about listening to the breeze through the leaves, being shaded from the sun and checking out all of the cool creatures that live in this watery habitat.

Throughout Northern Kentucky there are streams, creeks and rivers that have trees lining the waterways. This is called the “riparian zone.” This riparian ecosystem is made up of trees, shrubs and plants that filter the water before it enters the stream, prevents soil erosion and sediment pollution in the waterway, and also creates shaded areas, keeping the streams cool and livable for the aquatic species. So putting it simply, Trees save Fish.

Reforest Northern Kentucky

Reforest Northern Kentucky

Volunteers taking part in last year’s Reforest Northern Kentucky

Newport Aquarium is working with the Northern Kentucky Urban and Forestry Council (NKYUFC) to increase our public education and awareness of the importance of trees in our communities. By planting trees and preserving our riparian zones, we are improving our environments, creating clean and safe waterways and enhancing our quality of life.

On Saturday, April 2nd, the Northern Kentucky Urban and Forestry Council will be hosting its Annual Reforest NKY Event at England-Idlewild Park in Boone County. For the past 8 years, over 2,000 volunteers have participated in planting thousands of tree seedlings throughout Northern Kentucky in Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties.

I will be out in Boone County with my daughter tomorrow to help plant trees. Let’s Discover the Wonder Together – Plant a Tree and Save a Fish.

Water Journey at Newport Aquarium

Water Journey

Follow the water journey throughout Newport Aquarium, look for this symbol in each gallery.

The Hydrologic Cycle

The water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle, describes how the Earth’s water is always changing.

For more than 15 years, we’ve talked about the importance of river and stream health at Newport Aquarium. Last year, Newport Aquarium received an Earth Day recognition Award from the Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission for promoting a “Water Story” throughout its exhibits with the goal of educating its guests about the importance of water conservation throughout the world.

The next time you’re at Newport Aquarium, check out the Water Story, which shows how important a role healthy streams and rivers play in our everyday lives.

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