U.S. Airman Reunites With Family at Newport Aquarium

By Derek White, Newport Aquarium PR Aide

NEWPORT, Ky. — It was a heartfelt day at Newport Aquarium as U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Timothy Kisner returned home from his post more than 6,500 miles away in Korea to see his wife Whitney and surprise his 6-year-old stepson Logan.

The surprise happened during one of the aquarium’s dive shows done daily throughout the week. Logan and family were invited up front for what Logan was told to be a special view of the Shark Ray Bay theater and to take photos for his dad, who Logan believed to still be overseas.

Once Logan’s attention was directed toward the tank, the aquarium’s dive show cast member directed the audience to say hello to a special friend straight from Korea. As Sgt. Kisner entered to Logan’s and the full audience’s surprise, Logan quickly ran to his father’s embrace while those who witnessed applauded for the returning Airman and his family.

Kisner, who has been in Korea for 7 months, is just glad to be home.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” said Sgt. Kisner as he held Logan tight in his arms. “Seeing the smile on his face is worth it.”

Whitney, wife of Sgt. Kisner admits the idea to surprise Logan in this way was planned because it’s difficult to surprise him.

Logan will be the first to tell you how surprised he was and he admits he hadn’t seen his stepfather, “for a long time.”

When asked why they choose Newport Aquarium for their surprise, Sgt. Kisner said that it’s one of Logan’s favorite places to go.

Kisner will be spending time with family for the next few days before returning to his post in Korea for five more months of service.

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